"I entered the music business in 1969 as a concert promoter, spent the Seventies interviewing, reviewing, and photographing every major recording act in the business, then wrote the book about Jerry Lee Lewis that was turned into the movie Great Balls of Fire … and in all my years, I've never seen a drum, guitar, fiddle and standing bass blow the roof off a bar like The Accomplices."  
-Murray Silver 
Author, Great Balls of Fire: The True Story of Jerry Lee Lewis 

"Little bit of Rolling Stones, a ton of bass and a shit-kicking good time: What you can expect of Savannah Georgia’s The Accomplices at a show. If you tune into their latest album, A Truck, A Train, An Old Dump Pile, it has that coveted resignation of summer-love bleeding with every note. The band’s sound — be it vocal, violin, or upright bass — is melodic, akin to sounds of a movie score. Imagine if you will, you were lost on an open country road with your sweet thang by your side, drinking sun tea and hanging your freshly-painted toenails out the window, driving and driving, and the sun — it fades away. Sunset and romance. This is The Accomplices." 
-Dianna Augustine, Shutter 16, Charlotte, NC 

"A Truck, a Train, an Old Dump Pile captures the energy of [The Accomplices'] live shows, but there are subtleties here — far more than I can mention in a short blog post — that you just miss in a loud space. The delicacy of the strings really stands out on this beautifully mixed and mastered record. And so does Eckstine’s voice, which conveys both innocence and experience (there’s your William Blake quote for the day). The songwriting stands out too, especially on quieter songs like “Townes Blues” ... The pacing of A Truck, a Train, an Old Dump Pile feels just right too, with some effective variations in tempo and in emotion. There are some really fine touches in the playing too, like Smith’s banjo in “Shawnee Cry”. Stan Ray’s drums are always there, but they never overwhelm; good drummers know restraint."
-Bill Dawers
Hissing Lawns music blog

“The Accomplices were the perfect band for our recent charity event – quick load-in/load-out, enthusiastic and professional musicians, and their sound is amazing! They’re pros at reading the crowd, and provide just the right vibe to make our evening a total success. Our guests had such a great time, they didn’t want the evening to end!” 
-Cuffy Sullivan
 Executive Director, Savannah Children’s Choir

“The Accomplices are one of our favorite bands! We’ve enjoyed having them play at our events both at the brewery and off site. The group is extremely professional and incredible to work with.  They have a sound and style that every one of all ages loves. We are honored to have worked with them and highly recommend everyone to check these guys out!”
-Carly Wiggins
 Marketing Director, Southbound Brewery, Savannah, GA

"I have been booking bands in different venues for the last 25 years here in Savannah Georgia. The Accomplices never disappoint! They are a high-energy and fun band that has a great stage presence and keeps the audience engaged and certainly entertained. Their exciting and eclectic mix of musical genres combined with their stage presence is hard to beat and will leave the crowd anxious for more." 
-Robyn Quattlebaum
 Owner, Driftaway Café in Savannah, GA

For any writing and recording artist, the second album is the litmus test. If it's true that you have a lifetime to come up with all the songs for your debut, the sophomore project will prove if you can deliver the goods within a much smaller window of time and experience. With this week’s arrival of A Train, A Truck, An Old Dump Pile, the Accomplices have passed with flying colors. The Savannah acoustic/Americana band’s debut album, Canned Beans, was nice enough, but this new one bears witness to the muscles and sinews that develop after a band has been together for a while.
-Bill DeYoung
Connect Savannah

“The Accomplices, whose natural ability and experience with performing in all types of arrangements was obvious from the get-go. With a new album almost completed, they salted their set with tunes that the audience knew and loved, but also peppered in new material that fit the feeling of the night perfectly. Their unique blend of lowcountry string music, a touch of jazz & blues, and an edge of rock n’ roll attitude produced the ideal tempo (driven by Stan Ray’s imaginative percussion via brushes and an old cardboard box) to get everyone ready for the last set of the evening. Colleen Heine, Zach Smith, and Matt Eckstine gave it their all, and delivered.” 
-Concert review and photos by Jon Waits
 Hissing Lawns (a music blog in Savannah, GA)

"The Savannah, GA group The Accomplices might have the trappings of a bluegrass band (acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass), but pigeonhole them at your own risk. The band weaves genres ranging from rock to jazz to bluegrass, into a harmony-drenched patchwork of American music ... The band has developed their vocal harmonies as acutely as their instrumental skills."
Vincent Harris
The Spartanburg Herald-Journal (South Carolina)