Born among the swaying sweetgrass and balmy salt marshes of Savannah, Georgia, The Accomplices are an acoustic folk-rock band with roots sprawling throughout traditional American music. For five years, the four-piece has honed a sound that's both timeless in its folk-inspired melodies and refreshingly modern in its genre-blending and inventiveness.

"The Accomplices might have the trappings of a bluegrass band … but pigeonhole them at your own risk. The band weaves genres ranging from rock to jazz to bluegrass, into a harmony-drenched patchwork of American music."
-Vincent Harris (The Spartanburg Herald-Journal)

"If you tune into their latest album, A Truck, a Train, an Old Dump Pile, it has that coveted resignation of summer-love bleeding with every note … Imagine if you will, you were lost on an open country road with your sweet thang by your side, drinking sun tea and hanging your freshly-painted toenails out the window, driving and driving, and the sun — it fades away. Sunset and romance. This is The Accomplices."
-Dianna Augustine (Shutter 16, Charlotte, NC)

​"I entered the music business in 1969 as a concert promoter, spent the Seventies interviewing, reviewing, and photographing every major recording act in the business, then wrote the book about Jerry Lee Lewis that was turned into the movie Great Balls of Fire … and in all my years, I've never seen a drum, guitar, fiddle and standing bass blow the roof off a bar like The Accomplices."  
-Murray Silver, Author, Great Balls of Fire: The True Story of Jerry Lee Lewis

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